Esplosione di gusto

From delicious desserts to savory delights, a complete journey to discover the authentic flavors of the lands of origin.

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Magic Large Embossed Box with Satin Ribbon and Pendant

The box contains

Friarielli in olio extravergine di oliva – Orominerva – Vaso g 210

Grown in Molise's fields, they are processed raw and packaged with the addition of extra virgin olive oil. They are perfect for bruschettas.


Grissini stirati a mano – Dal Forner – Sacchetto g 200

From Friuli a tribute to Piedmont. The breadsticks are rigorously stretched by hand, perfect to accompany aperitifs or as a snack during the day.

Sugo ai carciofi e olive – La Favorita – Vaso g 180

A rich and flavorful sauce with ingredients cultivated on the border between Liguria and Piedmont, made entirely by hand.

Scialatiello Pasta di Gragnano IGP trafilata al bronzo – Maccaroneria Gragnano di Afeltra – Sacchetto g 500

A typical format of Neapolitan cuisine. Scialatielli, made of durum wheat, are porous and rough. They pair well with flavorful sauces.

Olio extravergine di oliva – Frantoio Salvagno – cl 50

Made on the hills overlooking Lake Garda in Verona. It's a fragrant, delicate oil, meant for raw use.

Tubo Cuneesi Assortiti

Cuneesi assortiti – B Langhe – Tubo g 260

A classic Piedmontese dessert that combines the creaminess of chocolate with the intense alcoholic strength of rum. A traditional specialty produced in Alba.

“Insolito” Tavoletta extra fondente 72% cacao con gianduia e sale dolce di Cervia – Gardini – Astuccio g 80

The 1950s. Lido di Spina, a seaside place on the Ravenna coast. A baker. Then the insight. Why just bread? Chocolate too. An unusual story, like this chocolate bar.

Baci di dama alla nocciola biologici – Officina Nobili Bontà – Astuccio g 180

A tasty reinterpretation of traditional 'baci di dama', made with a dough of hazelnut flour and cocoa. High-quality ingredients for a sweet treat with a romantic name.

Orvieto Classico Superiore DOC “Terre Vineate” – Palazzone (Umbria)

A wine closely connected with the Umbrian territory. Elegant, harmonious, well-structured. A white wine perfect for Mediterranean cuisine, especially with fish.


Cuore solidale – Progetto “Fame di Mamma” 2023

This gift contributes to guaranteeing over 5000 meals to children welcomed with their mothers in welcoming communities in Italy, thanks to the "Fame di Mamma" project by the Ai.Bi association.

Panettone di pasticceria Bardi-Longo (tipo basso) in astuccio – g 750

A symbol of artisan sweetness, it's full of raisins and candied fruit. Naturally leavened, it's soft, highly digestible, and has unique flavors. The classic Christmas recipe.

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