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They call us simply "I Longo" - three Longo siblings who created Longo Specialità, our family-owned wine company. With a history spanning over half a century, food and wine is our force, and the foundation of our business. Working with natural produce from the land, our expertise and passion enable us to source authentic and original products.

Meticulously attentive to the needs of our customers, we anticipate trends, generate patterns of consumption and develop successful ideas. Our team’s main aim is to offer the customer multiple solutions for corporate promotion requirements, and other food and wine gift ideas.
We are producers of Christmas packages for companies and with Longo Specialty it is possible to personalize gifts.

Our catalogue contains our full range of products and summarises the impressive services we can provide especially for you.

Giovanni Longo - Azienda Produzione Cesti Natalizi

Giovanni Longo

Giovanni Longo is the creative force behind the Company, determining our corporate image from packaging to catalogue content.
He manages logistics, human resources and publicity. “Everything must be premium quality.

If I have to choose, I prefer a great red wine.”

Osvaldo Longo - Azienda Produzione Cesti Natalizi

Osvaldo Longo

Osvaldo Longo focuses on the sales and management side of the Company, including managing sourcing and sales. With his expertise and knowledge of the wine and spirits trade worldwide, he has managed Longo, the company specialising in the export of prestigious wines, since 1961.  The perfect gift?

“Foie gras and spirits. They also go well together…”.

Paola Longo - Azienda Produzione Cesti Natalizi

Paola Longo

Paola Longo, an AIS (Italian Sommelier Association) graduate who plays an active role in the Associazione Le Donne del Vino, manages Enoteca Longo. She has an eclectic propensity, developing marketing projects and digital communication, including social media. 

Her perfect gift? “Bubbly. Lively and sparkling.”


Longo Un mondo di specialità Via Viscarda, 22 - 20010
San Giorgio su Legnano (MI)

About us

We excel in wine and food, the foundations on which our company's history was built, a history spanning over half a century. We work with skill and passion to source agricultural products, always curious to discover the most authentic and original items.
The primary objective of our team is to be able to offer our clients multiple solutions to their corporate promotional requirements and to provide gift ideas in general.

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