Longo Sustainability Report 2023

The comprehensive report on Longo Speciality's commitment: a document that reflects our values and determination to build a better future.

Thinking sustainably every day

The second edition of our Sustainability Report is a transparent summary of our environmental and social commitment in production processes through tangible actions. This document presents key results from the past year, attesting to our mission: to provide high-quality, fair, and sustainable products. In response to global challenges, we have heightened our dedication to sustainable resource management, optimized processes, and made significant investments. In an unstable world, we are committed to building a better future through innovation, sustainability, and digitization. 

The company

Since 1961, committed to environmental and social responsibility, we carefully curate high-quality food and beverage products, adapting to the needs of our customers. We strengthen our presence in the industry with a keen focus on contemporary challenges.

Governance, Ethics, and Integrity

Our governance is familial and well-structured, with a strong commitment to social and environmental issues translating into ethical and responsible management. We maintain transparency with all stakeholders.

Suppliers, territory and circularity

We stand out for sustainable management deeply rooted in the local community. Our supply chain prioritizes long-term relationships with local suppliers. This commitment reflects our approach to enhancing the value of the local area.

The environment

We have implemented an environmental monitoring process to guide improvement actions, already making significant progress in terms of energy, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste management.


We ensure the rights of all our employees, with a balanced approach in terms of gender, flexibility, and training. The top priority is health and safety, with relationships based on transparency and trust.

Community initiatives

In addition to generating economic value for the community, we actively collaborate with local organizations to promote charitable initiatives. These projects also foster business growth, creating shared value. 

Share with us your commitment to sustainability

We base our business on strong values, transforming corporate gifts into tangible support and creating value together with the companies that choose us. Social and environmental commitment is a constant guide in our actions, reflected in the results and shared developments outlined in our latest annual report.

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