Longo Experience at Mudec

The successful leadership of the Longo company in the enogastronomic gift sector is overseen by the Longo brothers, Giovanni, Osvaldo, and Paola, along with the new generation represented by Cecilia and Giulia Longo. This was aptly demonstrated by the "L’arte di regalare cibo!" initiative in the autumn of 2018. It was an opportunity for a face-to-face encounter with producers, to experience firsthand the world of original, ever-fresh, unconventional, and top-quality gift-giving.

Numerous Italian companies were present, all of whom have worked with the Longo family for over four years, finding great satisfaction in the partnership. "Working with the Longo family for over 4 years has been immensely satisfying; their brand undoubtedly adds value to our nougats and pralines," says Fabio Quaranta, owner of the Bergamo-based company that bears his name. "We were awarded the 'R-innovators of the Earth' accolade at Expo 2015, one of the many recognitions we've received over the years, and we like the idea of bringing this heritage of ours to Longo packaging, which is always of the highest quality," adds Marco D'Oggiono, founder of the Lombard company specializing in traditional hams.

Renowned names in Italian gastronomy hailing from every region brought their unique characteristics and dimensions to the event. "We work with an extremely short supply chain, sun-drying our products without preservatives, and only at the right moment," explains a representative from I Contadini, a company based in Apulia.

Giovanni Longo comments on what they aimed to offer the evening's guests, saying, "We wanted to take our guests on a journey through our history. A journey through our suppliers and, above all, our customers. Many of our suppliers have known us for years and are still by our side. The company was founded many years ago by our father, Consiglio: we, the siblings, grew up in the tavern before establishing the packaging center, the enoteca, and finally, corporate gifting. Today, our work is primarily associated with Christmas gifts, although it has evolved significantly over the years. Enogastronomic gifting has numerous occasions for use, and there's no need for a specific reason."

The evening, hosted by the well-known television presenter Federico Quaranta, concluded with a performance by the prestigious winery, Ca’ del Bosco. During the risotto service, they surprised guests with a "degorgement à la volée," a technique used until the early 20th century.

All attendees also had the chance to taste the Millesimato 2004.

Watch the video of the evening..

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