Fuoricasello has turned ten!

It was the spring of 2005 when the foundations of the Longo Guide were laid, and over the course of two decades, it has introduced over 650,000 users to the culinary world hidden just off the highways.

On Tuesday, March 15th, the release of the tenth edition of the Fuoricasello restaurant guide, one of the flagship publications of Longo un Mondo di Specialità, was officially announced. Born from an idea of the Longo brothers, which in the spring of 2005 was little more than a hunch, by the autumn of the same year, Fuoricasello, a guide to eateries just minutes from a highway tollbooth, was already a reality. September 2005 marked its first edition.

Since then, year after year, the publication has expanded its scope, adding not only highway exits but also those of major roads while simultaneously increasing the number of featured establishments. Just over 300 in the first edition, 812 in the tenth.

These culinary pit stops create a dense network of addresses that cover the entire Italian territory adjacent to major communication routes. Triple the mentions, confirming that there is much to discover if one chooses to travel not only to reach a destination as quickly as possible but also to explore the regions along the way, often hiding authentic treasures. This lesser-known and often overlooked Italy is the true guardian of the style of life that the world envies.

"We are rightfully proud to have created Fuoricasello," say the Longo brothers, "whose practical utility was evident from the very first edition. Its originality has spawned various imitations that never gained traction because being original is not enough. It takes that extra something, built on friendships, respect, involvement, a cohesive and passionate team. Over time, we, the Longo brothers, have accumulated this wealth, which is our true treasure."

The editorial flexibility of the guide has been another reason for its success. For many large companies, Fuoricasello has become a promotional gadget of undeniable interest for its ability to represent the company at its best, without any time limitations or an expiration date. It serves as a useful object while encapsulating corporate values with dedicated pages—an extremely effective communication and marketing tool.

With over 650,000 copies distributed, it means that Fuoricasello is now an indispensable travel companion for an ever-increasing number of road travelers.

You can purchase it online at the website wvw.fuoricasello.it and at bookstores.

For any inquiries, please contact us through the contact form. We will be at your complete disposal!

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