L’olio di Pasqua® with a surprise

The traditional Easter dove makes way for L'Olio di Pasqua® with a surprise.

L'Olio di Pasqua®, a registered trademark, now comes enriched with a delightful surprise, much like a chocolate egg. This is the latest offering from Longo un Mondo di Specialità, a family-owned company that celebrates its sixtieth year in 2021, dedicated to the pursuit of the finest artisanal food and its promotion as corporate gifts for events or holidays.

L'Olio di Pasqua® is produced in the Umbrian hills with a protected designation of origin, using three olive varieties: Moraiolo, Leccino, and Frantoio. It is unique because it's a result of a carefully selected blend specifically bottled for this special packaging. The packaging suggests a contemporary touch with the arrival of spring, setting it apart from all other oils. It stems from years of experience and expertise, a special sensitivity to the present, and the recognition of the importance, especially in times like these, of preserving the values of tradition and the symbols of one's culture. Olive oil is a cornerstone of the Mediterranean Diet and has always been a part of Easter traditions.

At a time when excess seemed necessary, the Longo family recognized the significance of Italy's enogastronomic tradition, rooted in the diverse fruits of the land—simple yet complex due to the biodiversity of our territory. They built their core business on this insight, transforming food and wine into prestigious gifts, earning them numerous significant accolades.

The L'Olio di Pasqua® offered by Longo is a synthesis of this entrepreneurial vision, driven by an innate curiosity and a desire to identify original offerings. Hence, the idea of the surprise, borrowed from chocolate eggs, to enhance its uniqueness—a living surprise: these are seeds that can grow into olive saplings. This ancient and majestic tree can be cultivated in a pot. Inside the L'Olio di Pasqua® package, you will find all the instructions to achieve the best results, namely, a highly decorative little tree that fits perfectly on balconies, window sills, or indoors.

It's an auspicious gift, symbolizing trust and hope in the future, perfect for friends, family, and employees. It's intriguing and surprising.

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Watch the video and step into the world of L'Olio di Pasqua®.

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