An hamper where excellence and variety meet in a triumph of unforgettable flavors.

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Magic Strong Box Embossed with Satin Ribbon and Seal

The box contains

Foie gras d’oca intero al Jurançon – Jean Larnaudie – Vaso g 120

With a delicate taste, it's truly a delight for special occasions. Its pairing with the sweet wine Jurançon adds even more delightful sweet notes.

Asparagi in olio extravergine di oliva denocciolato di Bosana – Fratelli Pinna – Vaso ml 212

Fratelli Pinna is a sustainable company that values quality and the territory. Green asparagus is processed right after being harvested. Only with oil, they're perfect for bruschette.

Filetti di acciughe del Mar Cantabrico – Nardin – Lattina g 50

Anchovy fillets, fished in the Cantabrian Sea, are by Nardin, master preservers passing down their skills for generations. They're the best in size and aroma.

Coppa Piacentina DOP – Michelazzi – Sottovuoto g 830 circa

"Coppa piacentina" comes from pork, born, raised, and processed in the area. It's aged for at least six months in a cool cellar. Served in thin slices as an appetizer.

Melanzane a filetti rustiche – I Contadini – Vaso g 230

A company from Salento that works directly with fresh products. Eggplants are seasoned with spices and preserved in extra virgin olive oil. Fresh mint adds the finishing touch.

Cicoriette selvatiche in olio extravergine di oliva – Favella – Vaso g 175

Wild chicory grows in the plain of Sibari, in Calabria. Hand-picked, they are placed in glass in olive oil, with a touch of chilli pepper. Ideal for appetizers and mixed salads.

La Salamella Passita – Bonfatti – g 400

Bonfatti was born in 1947 in the heart of Emilia Romagna. Each stage of processing is carried out respecting the animal. Salamella Passita is ideal to be enjoyed simply on bread.

Parmigiano Reggiano Vacche Rosse 24 mesi di stagionatura – Incartato kg 1 – Caseificio Gennari

Since 1953, Caseificio Gennari has started a long tradition of creating unique excellences, like Parmigiano Reggiano from Red Cows. A highly nutritious food.

Zafferano Alto Piemonte – Vaso in sacchetto di juta g 0,30

It's cultivated on the hills of Novara: a product of great gastronomic culture, presented in stigmas with a pungent taste and an intense colour.

Crema con Parmigiano Reggiano e tartufo – Savini Tartufi – Vaso g 90

For generations, the Savini family has been dedicated to truffle research and commercialization, which here combines with Parmigiano Reggiano to form a spreadable cream.

Pasta penne integrali biologiche grano toscano – Pastificio Morelli – Sacchetto g 500

Produced with 100% Tuscan durum wheat semolina, they are handmade, bronze-drawn, and dried at low temperatures. The strong flavor pairs well with all sauces.

Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena DOP “Capsula bianca” – Fattoria Estense – cl 10

Aceto Balsamico Tradizione is a classic condiment in Emilian cuisine, produced from cooked grape must and aged. A symbolic product, here in the bottle designed by the designer Giugiaro.

Olio extravergine di oliva di Roma IGP – Terre Francescane – cl 50

The olives come from the provinces of Rome, Viterbo, Frosinone, and Latina. It's moderately fruity with a slight almond aftertaste. Great paired with red meats or legume soups.

Torrette Valle d’Aosta DOC – Grosjean

In the heart of Aosta Valley, along a steep slope, the vineyards that give this wine harmony and body are found. An interesting blend of indigenous grape varieties.

Gavi DOCG – La Raia (Piemonte)

La Raia is a biodynamic agricultural company located on the hills between Piedmont and Liguria. Gavi is made from Cortese grapes.

Spumante Metodo Classico Blanc de Blancs – Tenuta Mazzolino

Tenuta Mazzolino is a winery in the Oltrepò Pavese. This sparkling wine is made from pure Chardonnay grapes: intense, mineral, and well-balanced. Pairs with fish dishes.

Brunello di Montalcino DOCG – La Gerla (Toscana)

La Gerla, situated on the gentle slopes of Montalcino hill, is a winery founded in 1978. From Sangiovese grapes, this wine has a warm and soft sip.

Confezione “18 Praline” assortite – Gardini – Confezione g 180

Craftsmanship characterizes Gardini's products. Fabio and Manuele Gardini transform chocolate with passion and love. An assorted selection for unique moments.

Babbini Pistacchio – Babbi – Confezione g 132

From the hills of Romagna, Babbi offers discoverable goodness, like these waferini filled with pistachio cream and covered with exquisite white chocolate. Perfect for accompanying coffee.

Cremino bigusto latte e fondente con Noci di Romagna – Gardini

Since 1987, Gardini Cioccolato has been producing high-quality chocolate with surprising combinations. Pure hazelnut paste joins milk and dark chocolate, enriched with Noci di Romagna (walnuts).

Napolitans assortiti – T’a Milano – Sacchetto g 192

Napolitans are classic square chocolates: pure chocolate to satisfy the daily craving for sweetness in single portions. Many flavors: milk, 66% dark and 75% dark.

Miele italiano di castagno – Brezzo – Vaso g 250

From the Piedmont hills of Roero, for over fifty years, Brezzo has been producing and selecting food specialties. The chestnut honey, intense and brown in color, has a distinctive taste.

Tartufi dolci assortiti – B Langhe – Sacchetto g 200

In 1992, the story of La Perla di Torino began, which now represents Italian chocolate excellence. The traditional truffle is offered in various versions to satisfy everyone.

Biscotti per le feste – Degustazione di Natale – Bettina – Latta g 200

A wonderful festive tin contains sweet and savory biscuits, perfect for sharing with loved ones. Among the flavors, there's also the cinnamon caramel man. A Christmas symbol.

Pandoro di pasticceria Bardi-Longo in astuccio – kg 1

With its characteristic star shape, it's a sweet symbol of Christmas: a golden dough with a magnificent vanilla aroma.

Panettone di pasticceria Bardi-Longo Limited Edition

The ingredients are those of the past: raisins and candied fruit, selected eggs and flour, butter and vanilla pods. Made with slow leavening, in limited quantities and presented in an elegant packaging.

Mais per polenta biologica – Olivero Claudio – Astuccio g 500

Polenta, one of the simplest dishes in Italian cuisine, is always a winter menu staple. Made from organically grown corn, it provides an additional guarantee of ancient authenticity.

Carnaroli classico – Riserva San Massimo – Astuccio g 500

Thanks to its characteristics – low stickiness, perfect cooking resistance, grain compactness and a high percentage of starch – this rice is ideal for making risottos. A true excellence!

Paté di pomodori secchi – I Contadini – Vaso g 100

This seasoning is made from long tomatoes, grown outdoors and harvested by hand. A natural approach rooted in tradition. Great for delicious bruschettas.


Cuore solidale – Progetto “Fame di Mamma” 2023

This gift contributes to guaranteeing over 5000 meals to children welcomed with their mothers in welcoming communities in Italy, thanks to the "Fame di Mamma" project by the Ai.Bi association.

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