Panettone per la Pace®: a Christmas of hope

Children's eyes are like open books where you can read emotions like joy, pain, and fear. In recent times, it's been the eyes of children that have first communicated to us the horrors of wars. That's why we've decided to support the "Children for Peace" project by the AiBi association, with whom we've collaborated for years, in support of various initiatives dedicated to the less fortunate around the world. Ai.Bi. - Friends of Children is a non-governmental organization that works on concrete projects to prevent and combat social emergencies.

As Longo Speciality, for over sixty years, we've been on a quest for the best of Italian enogastronomy, highlighting products as corporate gifts for events and holidays. In 2022, we couldn't remain indifferent to recent events, so we've chosen to actively engage in this project. The initiative ensures that children who are victims of wars receive protection, care, and support in safe spaces in Italy, where they can regain lost serenity.

We've thus conceived our Panettone for Peace® to provide tangible support to the Ai.Bi. project. The packaging is designed with colours and designs that evoke the goodness and genuineness, distinctive qualities of children. The label further emphasizes our concrete commitment to the initiative. Additionally, it's possible to personalize the Panettone for Peace® by adding a seal with the company logo. Choosing it as a gift means making a gesture of solidarity in the hope of a better future.

The specially designed packaging for the project contains the excellence of the Bardi-Longo Panettone, a soft and aromatic dough crafted by pastry artisans, which rests for 56 long hours after careful preparation of the dough with sourdough. The taste is completed with fragrant candied orange and citron peels. It's a charitable panettone, perfect as a Christmas gift.

The Panettone for Peace® is available for purchase online at If you'd like to receive a customized offer, you can send an email to

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