Corporate Christmas gifts: 5 original ideas

The holiday season is approaching, and for businesses, that means it's time to start thinking about Christmas gifts. Every year, it's a good practice to prepare a thoughtful gesture for employees, collaborators, or clients to celebrate together.

This moment can also be an opportunity to share the choices made by the company throughout the year, such as sustainability, a theme that has become central to the operations of many organizations. A gift can serve as a business card for the company: it can be personalized with the company logo, a greeting message, or a QR code linking to a video. This is a way to demonstrate presence and attention even during festive moments.

Certainly, choosing the right Christmas gift for businesses can be a task that becomes long and challenging, especially when ideas are not clear. That's why we, Longo Speciality, who have been specializing in corporate gifts for over sixty years, have come up with five ideas that can inspire you.


Panettone is the classic Christmas dessert that tradition dictates should never be missing. It's often accompanied by a glass of sparkling wine and represents a moment of true joy. If you want to make a lasting impression with your gift, it's best to choose a quality product : soft, with large air pockets, and made with selected ingredients. To make the gift even more special, you can add the company logo, turning it into a signature for a wish of serenity.


The holidays are magical moments spent with loved ones around the table. These are lunches or dinners where food becomes a sharing element, and nothing is left to chance. Attention is always given to table setting and product selection. A gift package with high-quality enogastronomic products can be very appreciated. It's even better if it's thematic, with products from a specific region or related to themes like sustainability or the craftsmanship of taste – a way to stand out and leave a mark with your gift.


The joy of a celebration is even greater when shared, as is the case with magnum bottles. They not only make an impression when brought to the table but are also practical when there are many guests. Moreover, this bottle size is known to enhance the aging process of wine. According to scientific studies, this bottle size better counteracts the effects of oxidation on wine, ensuring better preservation.


A bottle of wine is always a highly appreciated gift, whether it's red, white, or sparkling. However, often people are unsure about how to pair it with the prepared dishes. So why not accompany the gifted bottle with a wine tasting guide? Include details about the company, production methods, potential pairings, and serving temperature. This will be a highly appreciated gift, especially when it's signed by the company with its logo, the CEO, or the colleague responsible for the selection.


Chocolate is an element that warms the atmosphere of Christmas and is always present on the holiday table, along with other sweets like nougat and panettone. During the 16th century, cocoa imported to Europe was a product reserved only for the nobility, and cocoa beans were even used as precious currency. This is why chocolate gifts have retained a strong symbolic meaning, capable of evoking vitality, energy, romance, and a burst of good mood!

Qualsiasi cosa si deciderà di regalare, ricordate che un regalo di Natale aziendale è una dimostrazione tangibile dell’attenzione che si dedica ai propri dipendenti e collaboratori. Questo gesto contribuirà positivamente all’immagine della vostra azienda. Offrire idee regalo aziendali uniche e di alta qualità, permette di presentare il tuo marchio, facendo la giusta impressione. Inoltre, è importante sapere che è possibile scaricare i regali aziendali. Conoscere il trattamento fiscale riservato a questi omaggi è fondamentale per poter gestire correttamente le spese e ottenere vantaggi fiscali.

Per questo è fondamentale porre grande attenzione a questa fase e farsi affiancare da professionisti, come nel caso nostro, che da ormai più di sessant’anni abbiamo fatto del regalo enogastronomico un’eccellenza. Trovate la nostra proposta completa su quasi 100 confezioni pronte per essere spedite e studiate, con passione e competenza, per soddisfare le esigenze delle aziende per i regali di Natale. Se, invece, desiderate ricevere un’offerta personalizzata o desiderate maggiori informazioni, potete inviare un’email a

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