Your gift packaging

We believe that the aesthetic of a gift is as important as its content. That's why we have always studied packaging materials and shapes with great care, ensuring they serve their transportation purpose effectively. Moreover, our focus is consistently on sustainability, aiming to develop ideas that combine beauty and environmental responsibility.

The Magica Box

It's a solid package, made elegant by the texture that characterizes it. It's designed and created specifically to be reused, after transport, as a container to store precious memories or special objects. It's possible to personalize the Magica box by inserting the company logo inside a seal or an elegant cartouche. 

The Etica Box

A 100% recyclable package, made entirely without the use of plastic. We've paid careful attention to material selection, but we didn't stop there: it's meticulously crafted with simple elegance, inspired by the colors and imagery of nature. You can choose to customize the box by applying your company's logo directly to the packaging and integrating it with the graphics.

Box with handles

Easy to carry, the handled box is designed to hold the products securely for safe shipping. It's entirely recyclable and can be easily customized by adding a seal with your company's logo. 

Do you want a customized box?

Each box can be fully personalized to accommodate client-specific dimensions, graphic patterns, and colours.

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