The gift is chosen by
the recipient

The company is always assured
of making a welcome gift

Giving gifts in a creative and personalised way: Gift Longo is an innovative online method developed by Longo un Mondo di Specialità, a leading company in the high-quality food and wine sector, with the aim of enabling companies to offer employees and customers only gifts that are truly appreciated.

1. Buy

As a company, you define the amount you want to spend. Longo will create several tailor-made proposals for you, which your recipients can then view in the platform.

2. Presents

Longo communicates, in a clear and timely manner, to your recipients that there is a gift for them, waiting to be chosen.

3. Chooses

The recipient of the gift views the proposals directly on the platform and chooses the best solution for him or herself.

4. Receives

The person concerned indicates the address to which he or she wishes to receive the chosen gift.

The careful selection

The products and gift packaging are fully customisable, according to your tastes and requirements. Like Longo, we can, in fact, count on a very large number of food and wine references.


It is a service that responds to modern needs: we live in a world that changes at a rapid pace, where each person manifests different needs, whether due to religious choices, health or simply personal taste.


The platform is created according to the company's needs: it becomes a space to present your mission and plans for the future. If, on the other hand, the gift is for your customers, it can be useful for presenting your services and keeping in touch with them.



Our staff is at your complete disposal, to carefully evaluate each individual requirement and build a unique project: customisation and flexibility, first of all

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