Corporate Easter gifts: 3 ideas

For companies, choosing appropriate gifts for holidays can be a tangible demonstration of care for their employees and collaborators. Simultaneously, it can positively contribute to the company's image. In this article, we present three corporate gift ideas for Easter that could inspire companies in search of a personalized offering.



A protected designation of origin olive oil, produced in the Umbrian hills from three different olive varieties: Moraiolo, Leccino, and Frantoio. Its unique flavor results from a carefully selected blend, bottled in a very original packaging that also contains a surprise, like the more traditional Easter egg: seeds to grow an olive tree. This corporate gift also has a strong sustainability aspect and can symbolize the company's commitment to a better future.


Easter eggs represent an original and always appreciated corporate gift idea. Besides being a sweet symbol of the holiday, chocolate eggs can be customized with the company's logo con il logo dell’azienda, r, making the gift unique and in line with the brand's image.


The dove cake is a traditional sweet consumed during Easter holidays. The Bardi-Longo dove cake, in particular, is soft and fragrant, enriched with candied orange peel. Similar to Easter eggs, the dove cake can also be customized, becoming an original gift idea.

To find the best solution for your brand, it is advisable not to leave anything to chance and opt for a personalized offer, especially when it comes to Easter gifts for employees. 

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