L’arte di regalare cibo, the event

“L’arte di regalare cibo”, a highly anticipated event organized by the Longo brothers, owners of Longo un Mondo di Specialità (Online Christmas Hampers and Corporate Gift Boxes) based in San Giorgio su Legnano, took place on October 12, 2015, at the Salone d'onore of Triennale di Milano, as part of the events linked to EXPO 2015.

Over a thousand guests, including clients, friends and journalists, accepted the invitation and participated in the evening that celebrated the taste of the finest cuisine and a keen sense of aesthetics, aligning perfectly with Longo's mission.

The Salone d'onore della Triennale was transformed into a bustling square, with artisanal gastronomes setting up their tasting stalls, showcasing their products, which are the hallmark of the Longo catalog of Food Hampers and Gift Boxes.

Among the carefully selected producers of specialty foods, three renowned traditional delicatessens offered a rich selection of hams and cured meats, spanning from Friuli to Tuscia, representing the best that the world of "divine pork" has to offer.

The art of preserving herbs and vegetables from the extraordinary Italian countryside, along with the sauces that make pasta a Mediterranean masterpiece, added another dimension to the savory offerings. Dozens of tastings delighted even the most discerning gourmets and proved to be a true culinary revelation for many.

As a tribute to Milan, prepared by the famous chef Sergio Mei, the "yellow" risotto, made with Acquerello rice and served in a distinctive can that sets this rice apart from ordinary production, was a warm highlight of the menu. A sequence of various olive oils and an olive oil produced from freshly crushed olives just 24 hours prior were the other two focal points of attraction: products so diverse and contemporary, yet with a millennia-old story to tell. From savory to sweet, just a step away, because that's the beauty of a market square: chocolate, internationally renowned biscuits, nougats, various interpretations of spectacular dried Calabrian figs, and of course, the exclusive Bardi panettone completed the lineup of offerings, marking a resounding "sold out" by the end of the evening.

The well-known Enoteca Longo, a two-time Oscar winner, presented a selection of vineyard excellences from Italy, wine conceived as a prestigious gift in recognition of the merit of the three brothers. Success was guaranteed for the "à la volée" toast with Franciacorta Ca' del Bosco, a moment when wine becomes a joyful spectacle and a celebration of life.

While all the sensory faculties were stimulated by such gastronomic richness, a video featuring scenes from famous films passed by, providing visual testimony of how food can transcend into art, in addition to being a masterpiece of craftsmanship and research.

For the more observant, three flashes with the Longo brothers would not have gone unnoticed in the succession of images, underscoring the values attributed to food: beauty, love, spirituality, creativity, imagination, humour, sharing, and life experience. These values are reflected in the catalog through which they present their approach to gourmet gifting every year, which can always be likened to a journey through the Italian culinary heritage, a memory of ancient peasant culture.

To this Longo journey, they have dedicated a guide that combines territory and gastronomic specificity, guiding you just off the highway to discover unknown realities. This guide, Fuoricasello, in giant form, marked the entrance to the Salone, displayed alongside three fascinating details from the bodywork of cars crafted by the Zagato atelier. It's a high-profile interpretation of the journey.

Attention to design is always evident in Longo's packaging, which is modern, eco-sustainable, never ordinary, the result of careful research into forms and materials, as demonstrated by the arrangement of the staircase at the Triennale.

Contributing to the unique atmosphere of the evening was a quartet of young musicians tasked with adding an additional note of harmony and fun to an already rich and engaging evening, in the style of the Longo brothers who have made it their life's rule through the pursuit of quality food, respect for customers, and suppliers.

Among the attendees, there were several special guests and food & beverage professionals interviewed by Andrea Farinet and Sara Fugacci of the Socialing Institute. Click here for the video with the interviews.

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