Sostenibilità Emissioni Sito

Longo's commitment to sustainability is also digital!

According to the Global Carbon Project, the internet significantly contributes to global pollution, ranking as the fourth "country" for CO2 emissions. This is due to the inefficiency of web pages and the energy consumed by data centers and devices, often powered by fossil fuels.

To tackle this challenge, Longo has embraced Karma Metrix, an innovative pathway in digital sustainability. Karma Metrix measures, improves, and communicates the environmental impact of a website through a patented algorithm, providing concrete data on CO2 emissions.

Our high-efficiency website emits an average of 1.02g of CO2e per pageview, totaling 0.14 metric tons of CO2 in a year. This equates to 1,018km traveled by car (three round trips from Milan to Marseille) or 1,290km traveled by plane (two round trips from Milan to Genoa), positioning it with a -41% figure compared to the global median. Following this analysis, we will make improvements, regularly monitoring our website's emissions.

This measurement is part of our initiatives to reduce, quantify, and optimize our environmental impact. Our commitment is also highlighted in the second edition of our Sustainability Report, a document that reflects our values and determination to build a better future. This report is a transparent summary of our environmental and social commitment in production processes and through concrete actions.

In response to global challenges, we have intensified our efforts in sustainable resource management, optimizing processes and investing significantly. In an unstable world, we are committed to leading our industry towards more sustainable practices, emphasizing the importance of adopting a 360-degree approach to environmental responsibility, even online..

We continue to offer high-quality, fair, and sustainable products, reinforcing our commitment to a greener world. Discover our selection of sustainable corporate gifts, perfect for any business need.

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