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Open the package that holds all these delicacies is always an exciting experience, to be shared with loved ones.

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Magic Extralarge Embossed Box with Satin Ribbon and Pendant

The box contains

Mais per polenta biologica – Olivero Claudio – Astuccio g 500

Polenta, one of the simplest dishes in Italian cuisine, is always a winter menu staple. Made from organically grown corn, it provides an additional guarantee of ancient authenticity.

Giardiniera – Bottega Pavesi – Vaso g 330

A family raised with the goal of preserving the taste of raw ingredients. With their pickled vegetables, they transform seasonal vegetables to achieve the highest quality.

Lardo stagionato in conca di marmo – La Bottega di Adò – Trancio g 400 circa

An artisanal salami producer in Tuscany carefully crafts its products, like the lard aged in marble vats, very close to those of Carrara. It has a uniquely smooth texture.

Carciofi alla cafona in olio extravergine di oliva – Agnoni – Vaso g 210

"Alla cafona," meaning in a rustic manner, following the recipes of the past. With olive oil, aromatic herbs, these artichokes are perfect as an appetizer.

Prosciutto crudo San Daniele DOP (16-18 mesi di stagionatura) – Trancio g 600 circa

An Italian excellence with balanced flavor. Expert hands have transformed meat and salt into a masterpiece of delicacy. A pride of the Friuli land.

Confettura extra di cipolle al Sassella – Sapori di Montagna – Vaso g 150

A young and dynamic artisanal company, deeply rooted in tradition but innovative and environmentally conscious. From the heart of Valtellina and the Alps, a jam prepared with wine and onions.

Tre Latti Lari a caglio vegetale – Caseificio Busti – g 200

Since 1955, Caseificio Busti has been guaranteeing quality. The cheese is made using sheep, goat, and cow milk. The result ages inside the ancient cave in the village of Lari in Tuscany.

Funghi porcini secchi – Sapori di Montagna – Sacchetto g 50

Selected and packaged entirely by hand, Sapori di Montagna's porcini mushrooms retain all their taste and texture characteristics once rehydrated.

Olio extravergine di oliva Carbon Neutral – Boniviri – ml 250

Boniviri has a single mission: to create social and environmental value through food. For their Carbon Neutral oil, CO2 emissions generated along the supply chain are offset with reforestation projects.

Rosso di Montalcino DOC – La Gerla (Toscana)

Fine, fruity, fragrant, with intense ruby color: it's one of the many expression of Sangiovese in the land of Brunello. A wine that complements the entire meal and favors meats and cold cuts.

Prosecco DOC Rosé Meliora Brut Millesimato – La Montelliana (Veneto)

At the foothills of the Asolo Hills lies Cantina Montelliana, a cooperative of 400 winemakers. A rosé that expresses freshness and elegance with fine bubbles. It pairs well with fish dishes.

Fiano di Avellino DOCG – Terredora (Campania)

Terredora is located in Irpinia, where some of the oldest native grape varieties are cultivated. This wine, made from Fiano grapes, is fresh, aromatic, and mineral. Ideal with risottos and shellfish.


Fine pasticceria assortita – Alda – Elegante shopper g 340

Apulia has a great tradition in the world of baking, something Alda is helping to rediscover. An assortment of fine pastries to be enjoyed with a good cup of tea.

Tartufo bianco alla nocciola – La Perla di Torino – Sacchetto g 118

In 1992, the story of La Perla di Torino began, which now showcases the excellence of Italian chocolate. The traditional truffle is made with white chocolate and hazelnuts, creating a sublime taste.

Lastra di cioccolato bianco premium a forma di pallina di Natale, ricoperta di granella di pistacchi – Ciocomiti – Astuccio g 130

An artisanal chocolate made unique by high-altitude aging. The smooth bar is made with fine white chocolate, covered in pistachio grains. Its unique Christmas ball shape makes it stand out!

Zabaglione biologico al Moscato – Olivero Claudio – Vaso g 200

A historical company producing high-quality organic eggs. A return to the authentic tastes of Piedmontese tradition. Enjoy it on its own as a dessert, cold with fresh fruit, or on ice cream.

Panettone di pasticceria Bardi-Longo (tipo basso) incartato – kg 1

A symbol of artisan sweetness, it's full of raisins and candied fruit. Naturally leavened, it's soft, highly digestible, and has unique flavors. The classic Christmas recipe.

Carnaroli classico – Riserva San Massimo – Astuccio g 500

Thanks to its characteristics – low stickiness, perfect cooking resistance, grain compactness and a high percentage of starch – this rice is ideal for making risottos. A true excellence!

Tocchetti di focaccia genovese all’olio di oliva – Drago – Astuccio g 150

A delightful baked product still prepared in an artisanal way with genuine ingredients: perfect to replace bread or for appetizers.

Torrone friabile ricoperto di cioccolato fondente – Bardi – Astuccio g 150

Bardi means not only panettone. New specialties also bear these signatures, such as the crumbly nougat covered in dark chocolate. A protagonist on the Christmas table.


Cuore solidale – Progetto “Fame di Mamma” 2023

This gift contributes to guaranteeing over 5000 meals to children welcomed with their mothers in welcoming communities in Italy, thanks to the "Fame di Mamma" project by the Ai.Bi association.

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