Armonia di Sapori

These are unique products with a full flavor that elegantly complete the holiday table. A special selection!


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Magic Large Embossed Box with Satin Ribbon and Pendant

The box contains

Lenticchie Bardi-Longo

Lenticchie 100% Italia Bardi-Longo – g 250

Every step from field to table is carefully monitored to ensure a healthy, high-quality product. Red lentils have a delicate flavor, ideal for soups or as a side dish for fish and meat.

Carciofi a spicchi - Sapori di Montagna

Carciofi a spicchi alle erbe – Sapori di Montagna – Vaso g 290

Thanks to their processing, they retain the freshness and authenticity of hand-picked artichokes. The herbs enhance their flavor.

Salsiccia Dolce

Salsiccia dolce punta di coltello – Marco d”Oggiono – g 350

Made with carefully selected ingredients, this sausage has a simple and clean taste. Sliced, it is perfect for an aperitif accompanied by slices of homemade bread.

Sugo alla cipolla rossa di tropea

Sugo alla Cipolla Rossa di Tropea Calabria IGP – Famiglia Crispino – Vaso g 270

Red Tropea onions, grown in the fertile lands of Calabria, impart a natural sweetness and a delicate flavor to the sauce. Ideal for seasoning pasta and as a base for meat dishes.

Croccanti alla nocciola

Croccanti alla nocciola – Biscottificio del Roero – Confezione g 110

These biscuits are made in the artisan laboratory in the heart of Piedmont, where the hazelnut is the queen. With the addition of only sugar and egg white, they are crunchy and full of flavour.

Cristina Ascheri

Langhe DOC Arneis “Cristina Ascheri” – Cantine Ascheri

Arneis-based white wine. Its fresh bouquet with hints of ripe fruit and a subtle spicy note makes it a delicate and balanced wine, perfect with appetizers and seafood dishes.

Tocchetti di focaccia genovese all’olio di oliva – Drago – Astuccio g 150

A delightful baked product still prepared in an artisanal way with genuine ingredients: perfect to replace bread or for appetizers.

Olio extravergine di oliva 100% italiano – Longo Since 1961 – cl 50

From the green hills of Umbria comes a selection of the finest olive varieties. It's a moderately fruity extra virgin olive oil, capable of satisfying any cooking need.

Maquadro – Pasta trafilata in bronzo di grano italiano – Verrigni – Sacchetto g 500

The Abruzzo pasta factory of the Verrigni family was established in 1898. Maquadro is a short pasta, with a square cut, made from the finest durum wheat semolina grown in Italy.

Torrone friabile Nocciola Piemonte IGP – Barbero – g 100

The artisan nougat with a unique flavour: an ancient recipe from 1883, a modern image by Riccardo Guasco, gentle round hazelnuts from the Langa, long cooking, shaped by hand.

Panettone classico Bardi-Longo, antica ricetta tradizionale (tipo alto) in astuccio – kg 1

A symbol of artisan sweetness, it's full of raisins and candied fruit. Naturally leavened, it's soft, highly digestible, and has unique flavors. The classic Christmas recipe.

Cuore Solidale Longo

Cuore solidale – Progetto 2024

This gift supports the construction of a greenhouse at Pappaluga, a social agricultural enterprise that provides employment to young people with cognitive disabilities, promoting their dignity through inclusive organic farming.

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