Variazioni di dolcezze

An irresistible assortment of Italian pastry delicacies, accompanied by an exceptional dessert wine.

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Etica Small Box

The box contains

Canestrelli della tradizione ligure – Drago – Astuccio g 150

Canestrelli are small daisy-shaped shortcrust cookies, particularly popular in Liguria. Crispy and delicious, they are handcrafted. Great for breakfast or with coffee.

Ovetti rossi di Natale ripieni di crema al cacao e confettati – Ernesto Brusa – Elegante confezione g 160

Delicious chocolate eggs, finely sugared in the Ernesto Brusa way: a careful and skilful production with a ten-year tradition and respect for the values ​​transmitted over time.

Gianduiotti classici – Cioccopassione – Astuccio g 100

For the classic gianduiotti, the mixture is soft, the shape distinctive, and they are wrapped in golden foil, bearing the image of Turin, in Italy and around the world.

Frollini artigianali al limone – Dal Forner – Sacchetto g 200

Since 1989, the passion for artisanal work has characterized Dal Forner bakery. The lemon shortbread cookies are true delights with citrusy notes, perfect for breakfast or with a cup of tea.

Torroncini morbidi ricoperti di cioccolato mix – Sgambelluri – Sacchetto g 150

From the province of Reggio Calabria, an artisanal company. The nougat comes in a mini version here, coated with chocolate. A soft filling that encases Avola almonds and Calabrian honey.

Verduzzo Friuliano “Fior di Mandorlo” – Cantina di Cormons (Friuli Venezia Giulia)

The winery exemplifies a virtuous love for its own territory. This wine expresses the philosophy. Its fruity aromas pair perfectly with dry pastries.

Panettone di pasticceria Bardi-Longo con gocce di cioccolato monorigine 60% Perù (tipo basso) – Incartato – kg 1

A special panettone with selected ingredients that enhance its rich flavor: drops of single-origin dark chocolate from Peru, known for its natural sweetness and exceptional persistence


Cuore solidale – Progetto “Fame di Mamma” 2023

This gift contributes to guaranteeing over 5000 meals to children welcomed with their mothers in welcoming communities in Italy, thanks to the "Fame di Mamma" project by the Ai.Bi association.

Variazioni di dolcezze

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