Opera Olei

Opera Olei is a consortium that brings together six Italian producers, dedicated to achieving the finest expression of the best single-variety extra virgin olive oils. The olives are processed using modern techniques and crushed with sophisticated methods. Each oil is a unique product. The six bottles are arranged by intensity in this elegant pack.


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Etica Small Box

The box contains

Coratina - Mimì

Coratina – Mimì (Puglia) – 100 ml

An Apulian cultivar, Coratina yields a robust oil with a perfect balance of fruity, bitter, and spicy notes. On the nose, it reveals hints of artichoke and elegant spicy notes. On the palate, it boasts strong vegetal characteristics. Perfect on bruschetta and with legume soups.

Villa Magra Grand Cru

Villa Magra Grand Cru – Frantoio Franci (Toscana) – 100 ml

Produced in limited quantities using only the finest Frantoio olives, this oil starts with a sweet taste, followed by pleasant bitterness and a spicy kick that builds with a long-lasting finish. Ideal for enjoying raw on fish tartare, vegetable soups, flavorful meats, and fresh cheeses.

Il Sincero

Il Sincero – Azienda Agricola Viola (Lombardia) – 100 ml

Obtained from the historic Moraiolo cultivar, this oil is exceptionally complex and elegant. It features vegetal notes and, on the palate, offers a bold character with hints of thistle, chicory, and black pepper. In the kitchen, it enhances legume soups and is excellent on grilled meat.

Primo Frantoi Cutrera

Primo – Frantoi Cutrera (Sicilia) – 100 ml

Harmonious, balanced, and versatile, this oil from the Tonda Iblea cultivar boasts a fresh, fruity aroma with notes of green tomato and fresh herbs. On the palate, it is well-balanced, making it ideal for roasts, bruschetta, and salads.

46° Parallelo

46° Parallelo – Agraria Riva del Garda (Trentino) – 100 ml

Obtained from the native Casaliva cultivar, this medium-light fruity oil releases intense aromas of aromatic herbs on the nose. On the palate, it reveals pronounced spicy notes. Perfect for accompanying lake fish and roasted vegetables.


Ottobratico – Olearia San Giorgio (Calabria) – 100 ml

The name is inspired by the specific cultivar. It has a delicate aroma and is balanced on the palate with a sweet almond finish. Ideal for frying and mayonnaise, it enhances the flavor of steamed shellfish, boiled fish, and grilled white meats.

Cuore Solidale Longo

Cuore solidale – Progetto 2024

This gift supports the construction of a greenhouse at Pappaluga, a social agricultural enterprise that provides employment to young people with cognitive disabilities, promoting their dignity through inclusive organic farming.

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