Tesori del gusto

An hamper that hides fine sweet and savory products, to be discovered and enjoyed.



Magic Large Embossed Box with Satin Ribbon and Pendant

The box contains

Olio Extravergine di Oliva “Maccia d’Agliastru” – Fratelli Pinna – Bottiglia cl 50

A golden oil that has delicate scents. The taste is harmonious, elegance and fine. Perfect to accompany appetizers, seafood dishes, legumes, meats and vegetables.

Bruschetta tropeana – Delizie Vaticane – Vaso g 180

Delizie Vaticane is an artisanal Calabrian company that bases many of its specialties on Tropea onions, like this bruschetta with onion and vegetables.

Olive taggiasche in salamoia – Roi – Vaso g 290

The Roi family has been producing high-quality oils on the Ligurian Riviera since 1900. The selection of Taggiasca olives, preserved in brine, yields unbeatable products for appetizers and salads.

Filetti di alici di Cetara in olio di oliva – Armatore – Latta g 90

Armatore, a family of fishermen for over four generations, specializes in sustainable fishing. They prepare anchovies following ancient traditions.

Pasta Spaghettoni – Benedetto Cavalieri – Sacchetto g 500

Since 1918, Benedetto Cavalieri has been producing Spaghettone with top-quality durum wheat semolina. Delicate processing preserves its nutritional values.

Monrosso Chianti DOCG – Castello di Monsanto

The 70 hectares of Castello di Monsanto lie within the Chianti Colli Senesi production area. Chianti Monrosso is young and fresh, a perfect match for pasta dishes and meat entrees.

Spumante Brut Tener – Banfi (Piemonte)

From the fusion of age-old winemaking tradition and Piedmontese sparkling artistry comes Tener Brut, a sparkling wine by Banfi, crafted from Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc grapes.

Biscotti artigianali cioccolato e amarena – Vannino – Sacchetto g 150

Vannino has been producing, for four generations, typical and handmade products in Tuscany. The ancient recipes are embellished with the creativity of our times. Perfect biscuits with tea.

Scorzette di arancia ricoperte di cioccolato – Luchino Cioccolato – Astuccio g 100

The quest for original flavors drives Luchino to offer unique products that tell the story of his Sicily. Soft orange peels are covered with a layer of fine dark chocolate.

“Dobloni” sottili monete di cioccolato fondente con ripieno di gianduia e una delicata nota di sale dolce – Gardini – Astuccio g 80

Doubloons, the corsairs' coins: these are made of milk chocolate, to be tasted. A special note is given by the delicate sweet salt of the famous salt pans of Cervia.

Torrone tenero alle mandorle “Dolce gusto” con crema di pistacchio – Di Iorio – Astuccio g 130

The Di Iorio company has been carrying on the tradition of an ancient sweetness since 1750. The nougat in this version is soft, enriched by pistachio cream.

Panettone di pasticceria Bardi-Longo (tipo basso) incartato – kg 1

A symbol of artisan sweetness, it's full of raisins and candied fruit. Naturally leavened, it's soft, highly digestible, and has unique flavors. The classic Christmas recipe.

Crema gianduia – Scyavuru – Vaso g 150

In Sicilian dialect, Scyavuru means "what tastes good" and that's how the specialties from this company are. You can find this taste in their gianduia spread.

Tarallini artigianali alle cime di rapa – I Contadini – Sacchetto g 250

A company with a simple name that expresses love for its land, Salento, with the authentic taste of its recipes: crumbly durum wheat flour rings, enriched with turnip tops.


Cuore solidale – Progetto “Fame di Mamma” 2023

This gift contributes to guaranteeing over 5000 meals to children welcomed with their mothers in welcoming communities in Italy, thanks to the "Fame di Mamma" project by the Ai.Bi association.

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