Fuoricasello is ten years old!
The foundations of the Longo Guide were laid in Spring 2005. During the following ten years, 650,000 users have been introduced to a gastronomic world running parallel to the motorways.

Tuesday 15 March was the official publication date for the tenth edition of the Fuoricasello guide, one of the flagship products of Longo un Mondo di Specialità. Conceived by the Longo siblings, in the spring of 2005 it was little more than an initial concept. In the autumn of the same year, Fuoricasello, the guide to restaurants and bars just minutes from motorway tolls, became a reality. September 2005: first edition.

Since then, year after year, the publication has expanded its area of expertise, adding autoroutes to motorway exits, whilst also increasing the number of venues listed: just over 300 in the first edition, rising to 812 in the tenth. Good food, comprising a substantial network of addresses covering the whole of Italy adjacent to major routes. Listings have tripled, confirming how much there is to discover if you choose to travel differently than to merely arrive at a destination as quickly as possible. If you decide to get to know the regions you are travelling through, you will find real treasures. That part of Italy, perhaps a little smaller and often forgotten, is the true custodian of a lifestyle which is the envy of the entire world.

“We are justly proud of having created Fuoricasello”, say the Longo siblings, “its practical usefulness was apparent from the first issue. Its originality has inspired several imitations, which have not been continued, since it is not enough just to be original. It takes something extra - understanding, evaluation, involvement, and a close-knit, passionate team. I Longo have accumulated this heritage over time; this is our real heritage”.

The editorial flexibility of the Guide is another reason for its success. For many large companies Fuoricasello is an important promotional tool since it provides an opportunity to represent the best interests of the business. With no expiry date, due to not having a release date, it is useful and at the same time able to summarise corporate values with the inclusion of dedicated pages. An exceptionally effective marketing tool.

With over 650,000 copies distributed it means that, in an ever-increasing number of cars, Fuoricasello is an irreplaceable travel companion.

Purchase online for €20.00 at www.fuoricasello.it. In book stores from April.


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