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The Extra Vergin Olive Oil of Easter with surprise!
The Colomba gives way to Easter oil® with SURPRISE
Easter oil®, a registered trademark, is enriched with a surprise, like a chocolate egg. It is the new proposal of "Longo a world of specialties", a family business, which turns sixty in 2021, dedicated to the search for the best food craftsmanship and its enhancement as a corporate gift for events or holidays.
Easter oil® is produced on the Umbrian hills with a protected designation of origin with three varieties of olives, Moraiolo, Leccino, Frantoio. It is unique because it is the result of a blend selected and bottled specifically for this particular package. The packaging suggests the contemporaneity with spring and distinguishes it from all other oils. It was born from the experience and skills accumulated over the years, from a particular sensitivity towards the present, from
perception of how important it is in a period like this to recover the values ​​of tradition, the symbols of one's own culture. Oil is a cornerstone of the Mediterranean Diet, it has a high nutritional content, with the olive tree it has always been an Easter presence.
At a time when the superfluous was necessary, the Longos understood the importance of the food and wine tradition of our country, based on the many fruits of the earth, simple and
complex at the same time, due to the richness of biodiversity in our area: on this intuition they built their core business, they gave food and wine the identity of a gift of great prestige, a merit for which they have obtained many important awards.
The Easter oil® proposed by Longo is a synthesis of this entrepreneurial project, constantly animated by an innate curiosity, by the desire to identify original proposals. Hence the idea of ​​the SURPRISE, borrowed from the chocolate egg, for
increase its uniqueness. It is a lively surprise: they are seeds from which to give birth to an olive tree. This tree, so ancient and so solemn, can be grown in pots. The package of L’olio di Pasqua® contains all the instructions for obtaining the best result, that is, a very decorative tree that is well suited to balconies and window sills or in an apartment.
An auspicious gift, which speaks of trust and hope in the future, perfect for friends, family, employees. Curious and surprising.

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We excel in wine and food, the foundations on which our company's history was built, a history spanning over half a century. We work with skill and passion to source agricultural products, always curious to discover the most authentic and original items.
The primary objective of our team is to be able to offer our clients multiple solutions to their corporate promotional requirements and to provide gift ideas in general.

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