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Panettone per la Pace: a gift of hope for Christmas
Children's eyes are like an open book, in which you can read joy, pain, fear. In recent times, were the eyes of children that first communicated the horrors of war. For this reason we have decided to support the "Children for Peace" project of the Ai.Bi association,  with whom we are collaborating from years in support of many initiatives dedicated to the least of the Earth. Ai.Bi. - Amici dei Bambini is a non-governmental organization that works with concrete projects to prevent and combat social emergencies.

Like Longo un Mondo di Specialità for more than sixty years we have been looking for the best of Italian food and wine, enhancing the products as a corporate gift for events and holidays. This year we could not in any way remain indifferent to the latest events, so we decided to embrace the project, which sees us personally involved. The initiative guarantees protection, care and support for children who are victims of war in safe spaces in Italy, where they can rediscover their lost serenity.

We have thus created our Panettone for Peace® to provide concrete help in support of the Ai.Bi. project. The packaging is designed to recall in the colors and designs the goodness and authenticity, distinctive characteristics of children. The concrete commitment to the initiative is made even more explicit on the label. Furthermore, it is possible to personalize the Panettone per la Pace® by inserting a seal with the company logo. Choosing it as a gift means making a gesture of solidarity in the hope of a better future.

The package, specially designed for the project, contains the excellence of Panettone Bardi-Longo: a soft and aromatic dough, worked by pastry artisans, which rests for 56 long hours after careful processing of the dough with sourdough. Scented candied orange and citron peels complete the taste. A perfect git for Christmas.

Panettone for peace® is available for purchase online at If you want to receive a specific offer, you can write an email to


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