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Longo Specialty and Ai.Bi .: an always attentive look towards those who need it most
Save the Farm is a project that allows us to combine two fundamental values ​​for us: environmental sustainability and human solidarity. This is a LifeGate initiative which aims to combat illegal hiring and support small agricultural producers.
The fresh organic fruit collected was donated to AiBi - Associazione Amici dei Bambini and distributed to families in difficulty.
Below is the AiBi article as evidence of our many years of collaboration:

"As the world day against the fight against waste approaches, on February 5, fragile families and mothers and children welcomed in the host communities will receive half a ton of fresh organic fruit as a donation.

For the second consecutive year Longo Specialty, a leading company in the gift sector of the food and wine sector, confirms its commitment alongside Amici dei Bambini through concrete actions capable of restoring value to the economic system, the territory and the well-being of the people who live there, in full consistency with the values ​​of sustainability but also of solidarity of the company.

That which took place in recent days was the third and last distribution of fresh organic fruit destined for the guests of the 15 communities of Ai.Bi. and AIBC between Cremona, Brescia and Milan and to those who have been reported by the Family Services Centers - Pan di Zucchero of Salerno and Monghidoro and by the partner associations of the Ai.Bi. Campania, the ODV Association and Agape Fraterna Onlus.

The first distribution took place in November, the second in December.

A capillary action made possible thanks to the presence of networks of partners and antennas of need in the area that have been collaborating for years with the Amici dei Bambini association with an ever attentive and respectful look towards those in need and the need to strengthen the bonds of the community building a model for the recovery of surpluses and the redistribution of food to support the people who are most in need.

The availability of fresh fruit arises from a solidarity relationship between Longo and the benefit company Lifegate, one of the most important Italian players in the sustainability sector, committed to fighting illegal hiring and supporting agricultural producers through the "Save the farm" project. . Despite the decline, in Italy the value of domestic food waste amounts to 6 billion and 403 million, a loss that is close to 10 billion with the waste from the industrial and distribution sectors (data from Waste Watcher International / Distal Unibo). And fresh fruit is the most wasted product, almost 2 kilos per capita every year.

Faced with these numbers, it is desirable that the increasing attention against food waste is the lever to relaunch a sustainable development policy that is based on the values ​​of solidarity through the community network and thanks to the support of companies that, like Longo Specialty, they are increasingly attentive to the planet and to those who inhabit it. "


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