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Longo's first sustainability report
Longo un Mondo di Specialità is a family business, founded in 1961. Strengthened by our roots, but aware of the need for continuous innovation, we are always committed to generating concrete value. This is why we have decided for the first time to draw up a sustainability report. A virtuous action, which aims to be increasingly clear and transparent towards our stakeholders, publicly sharing our daily approach.

In recent years there has been a growing awareness that food is a central factor in overcoming the challenges of sustainability. Even if in an unstructured way, we have always taken environmental and social aspects into consideration, so much so that we have been undertaking initiatives in this direction for some time now. A commitment that we apply in our daily work with the aim of giving dignity to food, which thus acquires a primary role in improving quality, health and the environment.

With this report we want to make explicit and formalize our willingness to continue in this direction towards all our stakeholders. The document, referring to the year 2021, was created on a voluntary basis with the support of specialized consultants. You can view it in full by clicking here. The document aims to identify and monitor the impacts of our activities with the aim of controlling performance in the most critical areas in terms of sustainability, evaluating possible intervention options, for further development and corporate growth in a constantly evolving market .

In particular, we pay great attention to the selection of the products that we market and insert in the gift boxes with a deep knowledge of the territory, the suppliers and their production processes. We pay equal attention to the choice of packaging and production processes, which must be respectful of environmental and social balances. To address this challenge with a comprehensive approach, we refer to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outlined in the Global Agenda for Sustainable Development of the United Nations. Indeed, we are convinced that sustainable development is an objective that can only be achieved by making one's own contribution to a shared commitment.

The sustainability report thus becomes an easy-to-consult tool, useful for clearly communicating to stakeholders what we are doing with respect to sustainability issues. The report, which you can read clicking here, bears witness to our firm intention to continue this commitment in the future, always offering customers ethical and environmentally friendly products.

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We excel in wine and food, the foundations on which our company's history was built, a history spanning over half a century. We work with skill and passion to source agricultural products, always curious to discover the most authentic and original items.
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