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Corporate Christmas gifts: 5 original ideas
With the holiday season approaching, companies start to think about Christmas gifts: every year it is surely useful to arrange small present for employees, collaborators and customers to celebrate together. This may be a convenient moment to share the choices made by the company throughout the whole year, such as sustainability, which is now one of the main topics for many enterprises. A gift may also become a calling card for the company: it may be customized with a logo, a greeting message or a QR-code redirecting to a video. A great way to demonstrate participation and care even during the holidays. The choice of Christmas gifts surely is a long-lasting and challenging task for companies, especially when not having clear ideas. That’s why we, Longo un Mondo di Specialità, operating for more than sixty years in the field of corporate gifts, have conceived five ideas to inspire you.
Customized Panettone
Panettone is the typical Christmas cake in Italy and according to the tradition it cannot be missed. It is often enjoyed with a glass of sparkling wine, representing a true moment of joy. If you desire to give it as a present, to make a good impression, it is best to choose a high-quality product: fluffy, tasty and with selected ingredients. To make it even more special, you can add your company logo.

Christmas Hampers

The holidays are magical moments, especially when spent with the loved ones. During lunches and dinners, food becomes a shared element and nothing is left to chance: great attention is given both to the table setting and to the selection of the served products. For this reason, we suggest a hamper with quality food and wine products, especially if thematic: you can make an impression even with a gift.

Magnum Bottle

The holiday happiness when shared is even bigger, and the same is for 1,5 litre bottles. It is not just for show when brought to the table, and it is not only useful when there are many people, but it is also the size in which the wine ages better. According to some scientific studies, this format better counteracts the effects of oxidation in wine allowing a better preservation.


A bottle of wine is always a very welcome gift: whether red, white or sparkling, it will always be a nice memory of those who donated it. However, often people do not know how to pair it to food which is the reason why we suggest to combine it with a guide to wine tasting, with all the details related to the producing company, the production method, the possible pairings and the ideal service temperature. The gift will surely be appreciated, especially if signed with the company logo or the CEO signature.

Box Chocolates Christmas

Chocolate is one of the elements making Christmas atmosphere warm. During the Sixteenth Century all of the cocoa imported in Europe was only destined to noble families and cocoa seeds were seen as a valuable currency. This is the reason why chocolate gifts have kept a strong symbolic meaning, recalling vitality, energy, romance and an explosion of good humour!

Whatever you decide to give, remember that a corporate Christmas gift is a tangible demonstration of the attention you give to your employees and collaborators and it will surely enhance the name of your company. For this reason, it is essential to pay great attention to this phase and to be supported by professionals, like us, with our experience of more than sixty years in making excellent food and wine gifts. Find our complete range on almost 100 packages ready to be shipped and studied with passion and competence. If you want to receive a customised offer or you desire more information, please send an email to


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