What to gift employees for Easter?

Easter represents a unique opportunity for companies to show gratitude and appreciation to their customers, employees, and collaborators. That's why giving a corporate gift for Easter can have a positive impact on the perception of the company and the relationship with the recipients. In anticipation of Easter 2023, Longo Speciality World offers a comprehensive selection of gifts that will surely be appreciated by the recipients.

First and foremost, there's Olio di Pasqua®, an extra-virgin olive oil with DOP Umbria Colli Assisi – Spoleto designation. This high-quality oil is presented in a special package with a surprise, just like the classic Easter egg: olive seeds to grow a sapling, offering a token of goodwill that speaks of trust and hope for the future. The novelty for 2023 is the option to personalize Olio di Pasqua® with the company's logo, making the gift even more unique and memorable.

Our Easter gift selection also includes typical Italian Easter tradition products like milk and dark chocolate Easter eggs from Goslino since 1955 and sugared almonds by Ernesto Brusa. All these products have been carefully selected with a strong emphasis on quality; they are perfect for those who want to give a traditional but delicious gift.

Another product deserving special attention is the Bardi-Longo Dove Cake. It can be packaged in a personalized box with space for company branding, offering a unique opportunity to promote your brand and make the gift even more special. After a natural leavening of over 48 hours, the dough is soft and enriched with a crispy hazelnut glaze with whole almonds and sugar granules.

Choosing one of our Easter gifts is a way to convey a message of hope, trust, and gratitude. Contact us for more information and a tailored proposal: send an email to commerciale@longospeciality.it.

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