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We support the "Children for peace" project of Ai.Bi. association, with witch we have been working for years.

The project guarantess protection, care and support for poor children, victimis of the wars, in safe structures in Italy, where they can find their lost serenity.

Ai.Bi. - Amici dei Bambini is a non governative organization, that works on projects to prevent and take care of social emergencies all over the world.


The fight against climate change starts with small choices. A commitment that we carry out with precise actions, such as joining the LifeGate "Zero Impact" project. An innovative system that calcolate and compensate the CO2 emissions, generated from the comany activities, contributing to the protection of forests.

LifeGate is a benefit society, that helps the companies to manage the ambiental sustainability with the correct choices. We work together from years to make our business more environmentally friendly.


We are supporting members of the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo. We contribute to scolarships for worthy students from all over the World. From the fields to the table they will the protagonists of the future revolution with a deep knowledge of food.

The University of Gastronomic Sciences has been founded 2004 by Carlo Petrini, founder of Slow Food. It is a prestigious university that - through a complete course of study and practical activities - trains professionals with interdisciplinary skills in the food and wine sector.

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San Giorgio su Legnano (MI)

About us

We excel in wine and food, the foundations on which our company's history was built, a history spanning over half a century. We work with skill and passion to source agricultural products, always curious to discover the most authentic and original items.
The primary objective of our team is to be able to offer our clients multiple solutions to their corporate promotional requirements and to provide gift ideas in general.

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