Wine is an important character. When the bottles enter the house immediately arises the problem of how to arrange them, what solution we may find to conserve them better and to let them become part of the environment harmonically. The wine needs its habitat.

To meet this need was born Showine, which means an original way to put the bottles in the right place, depending on the amount, the space available, the style you want to give to the "wine cellar", and under what function. The deep knowledge of the raw material and decades of experience and attendance of the wine world of the Longo Brothers are the basis of this service, which meets the different needs and solutions for different spaces. Showine offers many possibilities from which to choose the one most suitable. A box, in addition to the car, can be equipped for the wine and become "wine cellar".

The basement, often unused space, it is equally suitable. The residences with a tavern have an environment with excellent features to accommodate a reserved space to wine. So the dining room, where the bottles can be "framed", not to mention the garden where contemplate making an underground cellar: Showine’s proposals go really beyond imagination. Found room, the next choice concerns the style of decor, which must be in harmony with the entire environment. It may be a suitable wooden shelving, brick, steel... the cabin at a controlled temperature. Even from this point of view there is the possibility to satisfy different tastes.

Showine is not only the private disposal. The solutions we are able to propose also meet professional requirements of designers, architects and creatives. These projects can be seen on display in the showroom of Via Viscarda 22 in San Giorgio su Legnano (MI), home of Longo.


Longo Un mondo di specialità Via Viscarda, 22 - 20010
San Giorgio su Legnano (MI)

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We excel in wine and food, the foundations on which our company's history was built, a history spanning over half a century. We work with skill and passion to source agricultural products, always curious to discover the most authentic and original items.
The primary objective of our team is to be able to offer our clients multiple solutions to their corporate promotional requirements and to provide gift ideas in general.

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