They simply call us The Longos, we are three siblings and the Longo un Mondo di Specialità is our family business. In food and beverage we have our main strength, the base upon which we built our history, that has by now passed half of a century. We move in this field with competence and passion throughout the world of the products of the earth, curious to discover their truest and most authentic typicalities.  Particularly careful to the needs of our customers, we have anticipated trends, created new consumption models, fulfilled successful ideas like the Guida Fuoricasello. Our team acts with the main goal of offering to our customers multiple solutions for their necessities both in the corporate promotion and in the gift in general. Our catalogues perfectly represents and summarizes in its pages all the impressive amount of work we do for you.

Giovanni Longo

In a business like Longo, logistic is a fundamental aspect. Thousands of products enters and go outs the warehouse, everything regulated as a clockwork, under Giovanni’s control, the director of an opera that in the topic moments needs a rigorous attention in every moment. But creating gifts is a fascinating job.

Paola Longo

In the company Paola constantly faces the customers. People who know what they want, but that are able to accept suggestions. And Paola keeps this into consideration, because she knows is the customer that tells you what is liked and what will continue to be liked.

Osvaldo Longo

It’s not easy but it’s still possible to find traditional food products, handmade, as they were once made. Osvaldo is the hunter of these products, constantly on the road to keep finding the answers for demanding customers, that know they can ask more, because their image is in their gifts, either they are for their employees or meant as a representation gift.


Longo Un mondo di specialità Via Viscarda, 22 - 20010
San Giorgio su Legnano (MI)

About us

We excel in wine and food, the foundations on which our company's history was built, a history spanning over half a century. We work with skill and passion to source agricultural products, always curious to discover the most authentic and original items.
The primary objective of our team is to be able to offer our clients multiple solutions to their corporate promotional requirements and to provide gift ideas in general.

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